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Ongoing Engineering Vacancy – DSS Level 4

This duty statement is an example of the skills and responsibilities expected at DSS Level 4 – Engineering. If you believe you have the requisite skills, please apply for this role and we’ll get in touch with you.

Example Responsibilities and Knowledge Areas:

1. Compliance/Policy:

  • Maintain comprehensive expertise of and adhere to pertinent legislative frameworks, government decision-making processes, and Defence’s mission and policy guidelines.
  • Fulfil Engineering Delegations as granted by the Chief Engineer and supervise the Engineering team’s use of these delegations.

2. Contract Management:

  • Draft and submit comprehensive feedback to the contractor/Prime regarding ASDEFCON contract deliverables, including varied Contract Data Requirements List (CDRLs).
  • Command the Engineering team’s input during system and design package assessments, anticipating MSRs and Design Acceptance phases.
  • Lead Engineering deliberations in all MSRs and Design Acceptance operations.
  • Represent the Engineering sector in contract negotiations with Industry.
  • Oversee the Engineering Team’s review of contract deliverables, including task delegation and peer assessments.
  • Review and endorse engineering acceptances of contract deliverables within competence range.
  • Organise tender and contract materials, including supplementary documentation.

3. Management and Systems Engineering:

  • Review and formally accept Project/Program Engineering Plans, Processes, and Procedures.
  • Contribute to Project Strategy, Plans, Processes, and Procedures.
  • Keep Engineering Plans, Processes, and Procedures up-to-date according to the CASG QMS process.
  • Strategise, oversee, delegate, and conduct tasks as outlined in the project’s Engineering Plans.
  • Plan and oversee project risks pertinent to engineering functions.
  • Deliver Specialist Engineering guidance to accomplish tasks and supervise project risk and expenditure.
  • Lead safety risk management initiatives, including the formulation of Hazard Logs and Safety Case Reports as part of the System Safety Program Plan.
  • Direct Interface Management activities for systems and sub-systems, spearheading Interface Control Planning Groups and industry-led Interface Control Working Groups.
  • Oversee and direct delegated Verification and Validation operations, including Test and Evaluation.
  • Coordinate and steer Engineering Working Groups with various stakeholders.
  • Hold responsibility for assigned engineering authorities and Technical Regulatory Authority delegations.
  • Review and formally approve Engineering Configuration Changes to the Function and Performance Specifications (FPS) and affiliated documentation.
  • Plan and manage the Engineering team’s execution of Engineering Configuration Changes to the FPS and related documentation.
  • Deliver specialised input into the Operational Concept Document (OCD) development.
  • Plan and manage improvements, enhancements, and capabilities, including Pre-Gate 0 advice, input, and documentation development in consultation with stakeholders.
  • Review technical documents and data.

4. General:

  • Chart out the project pathway within the Engineering Management System, ensuring the project and system outputs are delivered successfully.
  • Implement, manage, and coordinate the delivery of technical and design packages, and the Engineering team’s review process.
  • Ensure delivered materials meet requirements, legislative policies, and regulatory frameworks, and instigate corrective actions.
  • Detect and report resource constraints, schedule clashes, and other detrimental factors, providing potential mitigation.
  • Build and maintain robust relationships with key stakeholders at strategic and operational levels.
  • Lead various review processes.
  • Oversee the Engineering team, setting work priorities, task allocations, and managing workflows and performance.
  • Review and provide formal responses to correspondence, briefs, and reports for upper-tier consideration.
  • Coordinate mentorship and training for newer and less experienced team members.
  • Direct and manage research and analysis activities conducted by the Engineering team and stakeholders.
  • Share information, supervise work practices, set work priorities, and establish local processes.


  • Proven track record in devising and implementing an Engineering Management System for successful project and system outputs.
  • Strong proficiency in the Systems Engineering process.
  • Comprehensive understanding of CASG Configuration Management Systems and policies.
  • Mastery of CASG Quality Management Systems and policies.
  • Robust experience in curating and critiquing technical/engineering artefacts and documentation.
  • Established Project Management skills.
  • Proficiency in creating artefacts and architecture within DOORS.
  • Demonstrated ability in coordinating a multifaceted stakeholder environment.
  • Comprehensive Engineering experience including Training, Facilities, Maintenance, Verification, Validation, RAM, Configuration Control, and Support Systems.
  • Demonstrated leadership in a complex setting.
  • Exceptional communication skills, adept at forging and maintaining stakeholder relationships.
  • Strong understanding of CASG Acquisition project mandates, Defence Projects, Defence Capability Life Cycle, and Defence Systems Engineering processes.
  • Profound expertise in the ASDEFCON contract suite.
  • Strategic thinking aptitude with a flair for risk identification and opportunity sensing in projects.
  • CASG mandatory training completion.
  • Skill in effective communication, influencing Project Managers and top-tier personnel decisions.
  • Engage and communicate with stakeholders to provide advice and achieve Defence outcomes.
  • Articulate engineering requisites through comprehensive documents and presentations.

Example Qualifications:

  • Cert IV/Diploma in Engineering backed by over 12 years of pertinent experience.
  • 4-year Bachelor or Honours degree in Engineering.
  • Recognised as a Chartered Engineer.
  • Post Graduate qualifications in pertinent areas.
  • PRINCE2 – Project Management course completion.
  • Recognised as a Professional Engineer with Engineers Australia.
  • Master’s degree in Systems Engineering.
  • DOORS training completion.
  • Risk Management training.
  • Specialist courses including Test and Evaluation practitioner and Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) course.

Job Requirements


Systems and Software Engineering - Systems Engineering

Skill Level:

Clearance Level Required:

Baseline, NV1, NV2, PV, Unspecified



ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA, Unspecified

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