ADF Transition Support Program

By veterans, for veterans

RCD supports you from our first chat, to your first day in a new role and beyond. We understand everyone’s journey is different so we listen to your needs and tailor our support.

RCD’s ADF Transition Support Program includes:

Advice on what it’s like

We’ll organize a one-on-one conversation for you and one of our recently transitioned consultants with a similar background. They‘ll explain what you can expect working as an RCD consultant, bust any myths and answer any questions you have. They’re available throughout the recruitment process to share ideas, solve problems or answer of your questions.

Job-specific training

RCD offers a range of training options to prepare you for your new role so you’ve got the skills, knowledge and confidence before your first day. We can provide 1-on-1 training on Defence systems, policies and processes so you

Career mentorship and planning

A senior RCD team member will discuss your career goals with you, provide advice and offer support where needed. We help you update your CV to present you in the bets possible light and give you interview coaching. We’ll map your current skills and give feedback on where you fit within the consulting framework.

Your tailored Transition Plan

Every RCD candidate receives a Transition Plan tailored to your needs, career goals and desires. This Plan covers:

  • Suggested training courses. Based on your skills, experience and qualifications, we develop a list of RCD, Defence and Industry-ran training courses to make yourself more competitive. We also give suggestions on how to maximise your ADF Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS) funding and other ADF discharge benefits.

  • Engagement roadmap. We work with you to build a timeline of the key milestones in your transition so you know what to expect. This explains the transition process and your engagements with us.

  • Points of contact. We provide you with points of contact in our ADF Transition Support Team, as well as the details of our Managing Director, so you’ve always got someone to help you along your journey with RCD.

Reach back to an experienced team

Across our organization we’ve got team members with 30+ years project experience who love helping others. If you need help navigating a new task or don’t know what to do next we’re on the Defence networks and can give you advice, templates, or put you in touch with the right people.